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4 Ways To Increase Your Success With Facebook Business Pages


4 Ways To Increase Your Success With Facebook Business Pages


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If you’re one of the 300 million active Facebook users, you already know what it can do for your ability to communicate with friends, family and groups.

So, as a Denver-area business owner, it’s probably crossed your mind that Facebook could also be a truly awesome marketing tool.  If not, consider this your wake-up call!  According to Forrester Research, over 90% of businesses surveyed use social media for marketing. 

A Facebook Business Page is a good starting point.  Whether you do it yourself, or want to hire a social media service in Denver to handle it for you, here are 4 ways to succeed:


1. Set up an Effective Page

A Facebook Page is the business equivalent of a personal profile.  To maximize its effectiveness, add all pertinent information about your business including keywords that will help both people and search engines find your Page.  Local search terms are especially important--for example, social media service Denver Colorado, computer repair Denver Colorado, etc.

Make it interesting and easy for readers by featuring different types of content such as a blog RSS, videos, company news and promotions, as well as a link to your website and contact information.

2. Include Cool Apps

Any mobile device user can tell you—apps are pretty cool.  And they’re even better when you can use them to generate sales.  There are hundreds of apps available for use on Facebook.  Here’s a short list of what they can help you do:

·         Promote your blog

·         Advertise your business

·         Communicate with groups and individuals

·         Network and connect with customers

·         Collaborate on projects

·         Share videos and presentation material

Another option is to develop custom apps—for example, an app that allows customers and fans to place orders directly through your Facebook Page.   This is an investment, but it’s one that could pay off big.  Not sure how to get it done?  A social media service in Denver can help.


3. Promote your Page

In other words-- get the word out!

This is especially important because you can’t “friend” people the way you can with your personal page.  Your fans must come to you, and that means they have to find you first.   A good starting point is to identify interested parties and invite them to become fans.  Let them know what you can do for them—and be sure to link to your Page.

Network with local Denver-area businesses and buyers.  A social media service (like DBC) can help you develop a strategy for effective networking. 

Another tip?  Cross-promote using other channels.  Put a Facebook Page button on your website, a link to your Page in your email signature and business cards, a Like button anywhere you can.  Your blog, LinkedIn account and monthly email newsletter are also great places to include a link.

4. Update and Communicate

Use your Business Page to encourage interaction with and among customers.  This is an effective way to build a sense of community with local Denver-area buyers and promote your company.  Ask questions, invite suggestions and encourage people to tell their stories.

Keep your content updated by adding new information regularly.  If you can’t do it yourself, assign a team member.  Consider using a Denver social media service to help create engaging messaging and content.

Here’s a tip:  Sign up for Facebook Mobile.  This feature allows anyone with admin access to update the Page from anywhere, even on the go.

A Facebook Page puts the power of social media to work for your business!  Create an effective Page, and you'll supercharge your marketing efforts with increased leads and sales, and better customer interaction.

What other tips do you have to create a successful Business Page for Facebook?  Let us know in the comments section below!


Greg Sherwood, CEO



Greg Sherwood is CEO of DBC Digital, a marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado.  With over 30 years of marketing experience with traditional and inbound (internet) marketing, Greg helps mid-sized businesses get a better return on their marketing dollars.  

You can reach Greg at (303) 357-5757 or at


Great information Greg. Thanks for sharing.
Posted @ Wednesday, January 11, 2012 8:11 AM by Lea Ann Brown
Thanks, Lea Ann. Facebook Business Pages are a great advantage to small and medium businesses!
Posted @ Wednesday, January 11, 2012 1:53 PM by Greg Sherwood
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