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Google Maps-Now Includes Options for Local Ads

Local businesses are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for prospects to find their locations. The most aggressive companies even employ people to stand at intersections and twirl signs to ensure their business is found. Now Google has added a new capability to their Google Maps app that allows local businesses to digitally “twirl” their signs. […]

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How to Improve Search Results for Your Business

How  Your Prospects Actually SEARCH for Your BUSINESS When businesses work to improve their local search results, they tend to get locked on the idea that most local searchers begin and end with the big three search engines. Because of this notion, marketers spend most of their time solely focused on paying for and improving their […]

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vanity metrics-social media

How to Avoid the Trap of Vanity Social Metrics

Which Social Media Metrics Actually Matter? Social media marketing usually sits at the very top of the sales funnel. For example, a promoted post or video often acts as a prospect’s first introduction to your brand or product. Because these social posts have been crafted to attract an audience, but not necessarily to close a sale, marketers can have […]

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social media budget

How to Apply Your Social Media Budget

  B2B or B2C: How to Apply Your Social Media Budget Does deciding what platforms to use for your social media budget make your palms sweat? Today’s digital marketers can choose between dozens of established and emerging social networking sites. Many of these sites also offer a variety of different types of advertising.       So […]

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Email List Building: What You Need to Know

Looking for ways to grow and strengthen your business?  Many successful business owners credit their success to the quality of their email list. Both large and small businesses rely on their lists as a honey pot that they can always use as a source of sales and leads. If you haven’t focused on building a solid email […]

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Crowd Cultures: Branding in the Social Media Age

  Branding in the Social Media Age: Content and Crowd Cultures In the beginning, the dawn of the social media age was heralded as the beginning of a new era. There was a lot of hype about the ease of creating branded content for marketers and forging direct connections with their customers. Some companies even invested […]

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Social media tips

3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement If you’ve struggled to gain any traction on social media, you might feel like a wallflower at a school dance. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. It’s as true in the virtual world as it is in the physical world– social skills can be […]

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newsjacking-DBC Digital

How Marketers Use Newsjacking

 How to Use Newsjacking in Marketing  “Newsjacking” combines “news” + “hijacking” into a new marketing term. Newsjacking means leveraging the power of a breaking news story to gain attention for your company or your brand. The term received a lot of attention in 2011 with the publication of David Meerman Scott’s book, “Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a […]

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DBC Digital marketing surveys

How to Use Surveys to Fuel Business Growth

Even though most marketers know surveys can be a powerful way to engage and inform their customers and prospects, surveys are often overlooked in a content marketer’s toolbox. The right type of survey can spark ideas for new content, help companies fine-tune their marketing message, and smooth out businesses processes that might be frustrating their customers. According […]

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content marketing, dbc digital

7 Ways to Increase Your Content Marketing ROI

 7 Ways to Increase Your Content Marketing ROI Smart marketers know they can achieve a positive ROI from investing in quality content. The problem is that content production can get expensive (copywriting, videos, editing, etc.) and it’s not always possible to predict which content will give you the best returns, especially for marketers who are […]

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