How a single property website can boost your marketing efforts.

Single property websites are gaining in popularity in the US real estate market as agents embrace new ways to engage increasingly connected buyers.

Creating a stunning single property website, linking it back to your main business website, and marketing it on various social media channels allows the smart and savvy agent to bring focus to that specific property and the critical features that will help that property move.

  • Build extra prestige around your high-end and luxury listings
  • Add value to your mid-market listings
  • Elevate your own brand to potential clients looking for something unique.

A single property website can provide the ideal opportunity to up your multimedia muscles with more robust photography, virtual tours, floorplans, and more targeted and in-depth information on the listing to create that wow factor. There are some SEO advantages to creating a network of single property sites as well. Not only will they increase your visibility, but linking them all back to your main agency site will give you more pop on search engines.


Why A Single Property Website

  • Single property websites help you build better relationships with your clients as well as potential buyers
  • You offer more solutions and a better chance to sell their property faster and for a higher price
  • You position yourself as a leader in the industry, willing to take the extra step




How We Do It

We create a dedicated web address and hosting account, using best practices and leveraging any and all current agreements or technology you have. We even match the style and colors of your existing business website.

Then we install WordPress, the web content engine that powers over 25% of all websites in the world, load designs, place images and copy that you provide, do some quick quality checks, and make it live.



Why DBC Digital?

We’re here to be your marketing partner, not just a web designer. The other cheap alternatives make you do the work and use stock templates, making every site they do look exactly the same.

You provide the details, images, and content, but our designers and writers always edit and put finishing touches to it. Last we checked, you have more important things to do. We do the work for you and make sure it’s done right. That said, we design and build sites that you can edit and manage as well if you choose to.

More importantly, we plan for multiple sites, meaning the more single property websites you make, the cheaper and easier it is for you. Our packages start at just $300 for the first custom site. Then, once we get a design that you like, we can transfer that template to others for as little as $100 for each additional site, increasing your brand exposure.

Additionally, we bring the power of combined communication. A website is great, but when you leverage our printing and mailing products, and social media integration, you suddenly have a robust marketing strategy for each and every property as well as for yourself.

Lastly, because no one knows real estate marketing like DBC Digital knows real estate marketing. DBC Digital’s foundation (real estate pun) was built on over 20 years of experience in real estate marketing, developing corporate brand identities and managing marketing initiatives that help our clients maximize the return on their investments.


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